The Lust List - Take Your Pick


They're the world's sexiest bachelors. The men of ScandalLust mag's infamous Lust List are young, wealthy, and, oh, did we mention? HOT.

When scandal follows them everywhere, there’s no hiding from the cameras. They're irresistible, insatiable—and talented in all the right ways. Every woman wants them. But these playboys won't be easy to catch...

This series is written by Nova Raines and Mira Bailee.


The Lust List: Kaidan Stone

Sparks fly when Hayley Wade, the daughter of a rock star, has a run-in with the paparazzi and Kaidan Stone, heir to Stone Records, saves her. Click the covers below to find out more!


The Lust List: Devon Stone

Read about Kaidan's sexy twin brother in the parallel series written by Mira Bailee!

Olivia Margot is too responsible to hook up with a bad boy like Devon Stone, but maybe he's the exact sort of trouble she needs.


Praise for The Lust List

"Oh my god! Where do I begin? I'm gonna start saying that I freaking loved it, I found it steamy, with a tinge of suspense and a little bit of angst, that's probably going to break your heart a bit. So if you're up for a hot bad boy and obviously jerk-ish type of hero (I know, surprise, surprise! But did I say hot? 'cause he's without a doubt a panty dropper and a mysterious guy) you're going to love Kaidan Stone."

"...I love a story to grab me from the very first page, one that picks me up and carries me along with it, forgetting the world around me as I greedily absorb every juicy line, on every page. I like a book to have a strong, sexy yet broody male lead with a hidden heart of gold and a strong, lovable yet feisty female lead who I can connect and sympathise with. I love to find quirky and mysterious support characters who pass the 'I've got to read their story' test! Not to mention angst, suspense and hot steamy romance! Add in a cliffhanger that has me shouting at my Kindle, then the book has me caught, hook line and sinker! You're going to love Hayley and Kaiden! Does One Condition meet each of my 'got to have' requirements? ....... YES! And much more besides!"